The original idea for 2020 Vision was inspired by photographers that have the ability to capture images of their local area that expands beyond the simple. Our plan is to produce  artisan limited edition printed tome of images for each county in Ireland.


Irish Photographic Books by county using select local Photographers!

Highest Quality Artisan Publications. Hardback.

2020Vision Publications.

Book Images available as prints exclusively from


Our ethos is an artisan Photographic Chronicle of Ireland in Images. Ireland is a visual feast. We aim to capture more than simple photographic representations. 2020Vision delves beyond the physicality of the image, exposing the essence, and, more importantly, unveiling the relevance of the shot!


Embracing Landscapes & Lifescapes:

What is Exceptional!

Photographic Virtuosity!

Culture & Communication!

Ponderance of Past & Present!

A Visual Complexity of +1000 Words!


Outlining what we will achieve:

Capturing the Essence of each county via selected Images.

36 Publications (40 images): 20 Landscape and 20 Lifescape.

Limited Edition runs of each book: 500 (up to 1,000) print run.

Photographers will benefit by associating with 2020Vision Brand